Bypass Security Just to be caught by log analytics

This post will show you how to run a Powershell script on your computer without the need to be an administrator by bypassing execution policy, at the same time you will see how to catch this activity in Log Analytics and even see the code that was running in the process.

Kubernetes in log analytics

Kubernetes Cluster Say Hello to Azure Monitoring. If you use Kubernetes you may need to monitor its workings with log analytics. In the new updates of Azure you now can add the Containers for monitoring inside Azure Monitor.

Try me button in REST API

You can now test all of your Azure REST API in the Microsoft API Doc with the new Try Me button. it will blow your mind.

Azure Advisor

Today I want to show you a very important but very unknown option in Azure – The Azure Advisor "Azure Advisor is a free service that analyzes your Azure usage and provides recommendations on how you can optimize your Azure resources to reduce costs, boost performance, strengthen security, and improve reliability."

Cloud Valley was chosen by Sapiens to perform a strategic assessment of the company’s operating model. The assessment resulted in Sapiens choosing to work with Cloud Valley on both the application and IT aspects of Sapiens CustomerConnect on the cloud.

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