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Fully managed cloud. Now you can focus on your own business.

We offer disaster recovery to ensure complete data protection and business continuity during disruptive events. No need of maintenance, hardware or software. Our DR-as-a-Service based on Azure and offers a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

We will monitor your IT and Cloud environment for you.

Hackers want you to be off-guard, we will make sure your organization is safe from security vulnerabilities.

You have traditional IT needs and you want PROs to take ownership.

We will give you all the needed support and consulting to make you successful on Azure.

The best productivity suite. You can now enjoy all your favorite tools: Exchange, SharePoint, Planner and much more!

– BYOD is challenging IT to manage applications and yet be secure.

Manage sales pipeline, customer relationship and your teams using Dynamics CRM.

If you are a programmer and want to use Microsoft Visual Studio you can now use it online for every need.

Our best practices to automate daily tasks. DevOps VC is easily managed via our user-friendly web interface. DevOps VC manage dozens of customer production environments.

Your application could be a Software service in the cloud.

A cutting edge service is now available. Use us as your R&D. Your vision, our R&D Services in sprint modes and agile according to your needs.

Most talented experts to lean on.

Do you have Cloud and want to optimize your architecture?

Do you have Cloud and want to optimize your architecture?

Who Are We?

We help customers to use Microsoft Azure cloud technologies to achieve more. Always striving for ways to make great ideas even better, getting down to earth complex architectures to simplest ways in order optimize existing cloud infrastructures to the newest and most effective way to customer values and competition.

As Microsoft partner Cloud Valley focus is to get a real deep understanding upon customers’ needs and business values and then offering the right Azure cloud technology to customers.

To achieve that we are putting our efforts in getting the top-notch professionals that feels a sense of ownership and committed to customers missions, projects and support which making a real trust in front of customers and us, as their partners. That’s alone not enough and require a high level of expertise in all Microsoft Azure offerings to support customers challenges and dynamic changes in digital transformation, cloud migrations and competition.

Cloud Valley & Microsoft Startups collaboration

Cloud Valley is Gold membership that offers LSP, CSP and MSP services and participating in Microsoft Scale Up (accelerator) program:

As Microsoft Partner participating in the scale up program we are there to assess startup’s business goals and technical needs, understanding customers vision and mentoring them to achieve that vision by incorporating our vast expertise in numerous offerings, Microsoft based or open sourced that exists on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Startups can benefit from Microsoft support and guidance and Cloud Valley’s rich experience with numerous projects to fully realize their needs on Microsoft public cloud. The benefits may vary from architecture discussions to a full implementation and/or redesign of the entire ecosystem while transitioning from legacy environments onto the cloud or from other cloud providers to Microsoft azure cloud. The program consists of multiple steps with milestones that help us enrich the customer experience with azure cloud and provide a stable technological growth by using azure offers tailored to the customer needs. We are helping startups to implement and move their workloads from competitors such as AWS, Google and etc’ to Microsoft Azure.

On the best examples of our contribution to startups is World Scouting Center (WSC) Sports Technologies that began in 2006, when four friends started developing software to produce videos of players that team scouts could analyze. As the idea evolved, they began using open-source software on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. Then Microsoft selected WSC for its Ventures Accelerator program, which supports young companies. That and Microsoft BizSpark Plus program, which provides startups $5,000 of cloud computing services each month for a year, helped give WSC the confidence in Microsoft’s support and expertise to migrate to Azure. In 2016 WSC moved to EA agreement from BizSpark program with Cloud Valley which was opening shot for WSC success. 

Weblink about WSC Sports:

In 2017 customer signed a EA contract of $800K subscription annual and last month FY18Q3 customer signed a new EA contract of 3 years with commitment of $5.1M for first year total of $6M contract with Cloud Valley. As part of the contract we provide to customer a Dev/OPS professional for 8 months to speed customer business to adopt new customers by the following criteria’s:

  1. More secure environments: – Architecture optimization overview of current dev/ops tools. Creating architecture to support full ci/cd process with existing tools in mind.
  2. Less bugs in developments: – Create a continues Integration pipeline, a fully automated process to integrate code from different dev teams, process helps discovering bugs in early stages and keep the master branch clean.
  3. Faster and more reliable sw versions: – Create a Continues Delivery pipeline for “blue/green” environments ( prod/ dev ) for testing & monitoring the changes from CI pipe this will optimize process time and deployment cycle & allow development teams to deploy new features fast and safely.
  4. Automated deployment and processes: -Infrastructure as a code: Create fully automated deployment of prod/dev/test environment (networks, virtual machines, load balancers, and connection topology) in a descriptive model to prevent runtime issues caused by configuration drift or missing dependencies. Automated Testing: creating automated build-deploy-test workflows and choosing the technologies and frameworks that meet the customer needs to test changes continuously in a fast, scalable, and efficient manner.

Cloud Valley – FY18 marketing events

The language of Multi-Cloud meetup – Tuesday, January 30, 2018 – 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Terraform the open source tool for managing infrastructure as code. Thank you, Adir for giving me this opportunity to share my knowledge.

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